Leslie Johns

Associate Professor of Political Science and Law, UCLA



Strengthening International Courts: The Hidden Costs of Legalization  

Leslie Johns  (2015)  

Ann Arbor, MI:  University of Michigan Press.


Free-Riding on Enforcement in the WTO

Leslie Johns and Krzysztof Pelc  (forthcoming)    

Journal of Politics

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Under One Roof: Supply Chains and the Protection of Foreign Investment

Leslie Johns and Rachel Wellhausen  (2016)    

American Political Science Review  110 (1): 31-51.

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Fear of Crowds in World Trade Organization Disputes: Why Don't More Countries Participate?

Leslie Johns and Krzysztof Pelc  (2016)    

Journal of Politics  78 (1): 88-104.

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Who Gets to Be in the Room?  Manipulating Participation in WTO Disputes

Leslie Johns and Krzysztof J. Pelc  (2014)    

International Organization  68 (3): 663--699.

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Depth versus Rigidity in the Design of International Trade Agreements

Leslie Johns  (2014)    

Journal of Theoretical Politics  26 (3): 468--495.

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Formal Models of International Institutions

Michael Gilligan and Leslie Johns (2012)  

Annual Review of Political Science  15 (1): 221--243.

Courts as Coordinators: Endogenous Enforcement and Jurisdiction in International Adjudication

Leslie Johns  (2012)    

Journal of Conflict Resolution  56 (2): 257--289.

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Strengthening International Courts and the Early Settlement of Disputes

Michael Gilligan, Leslie Johns, and B. Peter Rosendorff  (2010)    

Journal of Conflict Resolution  54 (5): 5--38.

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A Servant of Two Masters: Communication and the Selection of International Bureaucrats

Leslie Johns  (2007)    

International Organization  61 (Spring): 245--275.

Knowing the Unknown: Executive Evaluation and International Crisis Outcomes

Leslie Johns  (2006)    

Journal of Conflict Resolution  50 (2): 228--252.

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Book Chapters

The Diverging Theory and Practice of International Law

Leslie Johns  (forthcoming)  

In Encyclopedia of Empirical International Relations Theory.

William R. Thompson, ed. Oxford University Press.

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The Design of Trade Agreements

Leslie Johns and Lauren Peritz  (2015)  

In Oxford Handbook of the Politics of International Trade.

Lisa Martin, ed. Oxford University Press.

Dispute Settlement, Compliance and Domestic Politics

Leslie Johns and B. Peter Rosendorff  (2009)

In Trade Disputes and the Dispute Settlement Understanding of the WTO: An Interdisciplinary Assessment.

James C. Hartigan, ed. Emerald Group Publishing.